My name is Gennadiy and, like you, I love the sky. I’m a flight instructor of the Air Force in retirement who moved from real-life cockpit to virtual one. It’s my hobby now.


The simulator gave me a chance to be in control of an aircraft again, but the coloring of the virtual sky and surroundings were far from being realistic, so I decided to create my own textures.


Many textures have colors that are close to natural, some have a bright and rich color. You can choose any sky you like.

Now there are enough of them to share with you. Download My free sky textures, install, test and enjoy.

world in the simulator

What are sky textures?

Developers implemented an ingenious system – they split entire day into 14 periods – textures. Each texture is a 32x32pixels square defining not only sky color, but also a lighting for ground, cloud, fog, haze, water, precipitation, aircraft and reflections!



To make sure days don’t look the same, simulator can use up to 10 different texture sets, yet it is unused by many developers.
Despite technical limitations set by engine, texturing system enables devs to “paint” the scenery to fit everyone’s taste.

Have good time flying!